Albacore Sg is a supplier of engineering solutions, industrial machinery, microelectronics components and equipment.

Albacore Sg it is supplier of engineering solutions, industrial machinery, microelectronics components and equipment. It is also well known as a high experienced provider of engineering solutions for diverse industrial sectors:

Medical industry
Automotive industry
Instrument making and electronics manufacturing

Albacore Sg supplier engineering solutions, tools and machinery, microelectronics components the world-renowned brands from countries Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, China and many others. Albacore Sg already delivered more than 200 items for industrial companies operating in various fields.

The customers of Albacore Sg presented companies and enterprises, small businesses, as well as large international holding companies.

High quality of services, professionalism of managers and engineers, individual approach to clients, concrete results allowed us to take one of the leading places in the market for industrial distribution of technological equipment and components.

Microelectronics and electronic components

Albacore Sg is a supplier of microelectronics and electronic components. We supply customers with active and passive components for power electronics, RF / microwave components, FPGAs, microcontrollers, memory modules, connectors, connectors, sensors, sensors, IGBT modules, LEDs, as well as boards, microcomputers and spare parts for electromechanical and RFID systems.
Popular products:
RF and microwave components
Embedded computing systems
Secondary power supplies
Active ingredients
Cabling and wiring products
Information display systems

Metalworking equipment

In addition to the technological elaboration of the technical task, the Albacore Sg company offers a high-quality and most flexible selection of equipment for production tasks and individual client requirements. Taking into account numerous wishes and elaboration of various options is achieved by the widest choice of metalworking equipment from leading world manufacturers.

The equipment supplied by our company can be used in almost all industries. Among the clients of Albacore Sg are manufacturers of valves, equipment for agriculture and medicine; large companies operating in the aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, railway industries.


Testing equipment

The testing equipment of the Albacore Sg company, made of high quality materials and high precision components, meets the requirements of international standards.

The company catalog contains:

The complete set of the supplied test equipment is made on the basis of the technical assignment of the Customer, is an individual solution to the task within the design capabilities of the testing machines.


Consulting and business applications

Consulting from Albacore Sg is highly qualified and competent specialists, and a wide experience of successful projects in various industries and enterprises of the federal level.